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m0vin on out - Bl0g sp0t Sep. 8th, 2005 @ 07:30 am
SOrry to say livejournal, but you just don't seem to be with the times...

I have to move to bl0gspot, because they have the free features that you ask we pay for!

Please visit my new blog when you can, hope we can still be friends!


Looter Feedback Sep. 8th, 2005 @ 05:44 am
My Cache is a big hit. Everyone loves it, but they all seem to think that my answer is 15 meters off, which has confirmed my suspiscions that my GPS receiver is cross-eyed. $450 piece of crap!

Can anyone here solve my puzzle? Free chocolate bar to the first correct answer posted in comments (shipping and handling charges not included)

Anti-Rape Condom Sep. 8th, 2005 @ 05:04 am

"The device, made of latex and held firm by shafts of sharp barbs, can only be removed from the man through surgery which will alert hospital staff, and ultimately, the police."

What do you think? Good/Bad idea? Uncomfortable for the woman?

Lets just run the scenario through, shall we? So a man goes to rape a woman, gets his way and starts doing the deed. His member gets a whole bunch of these quills in it Would he not try and remove them himself? Would he not beat the woman senseless? Kind of like humping the leg of a porcupine, eh?

Mr and Mrs Tania Wattam Sep. 3rd, 2005 @ 09:02 am
My friends are getting married today, and I have no matching socks. I knew this would happen but did nothing to prevent it. I will have to go out and get some, as well as new pants because they dont match my suit. This likely wont work and I will have to buy a new suit. Weddings are fun for everyone! ;-)

I am actually excited about this wedding despite my sarcastic melancholic view of shopping for clothing. I am glad that I won't be the first person (of my close friends) to get married. They are doing something very similar to ours. It will be in an abandonned barn, out in the country. They have been working to fix it up for about 6 months so it should kick loads of heaping sweaty ass (in a good way).

Congrats to Mr and Mrs Helman!! They will be taking his name, not the affore mentioned title of the blog entry.

May your married life be happy, and as interesting as your single life! :D

Daves first cache Sep. 3rd, 2005 @ 08:57 am
Ever want to see a chest with a skeleton inside?

It's my first geocache! HZAA!!

When the cache is actually activated.. I await the judges descision... grrr.. You can follow the clues and find it as well! Instructions are here!!!!

Bonne Cache!
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» New Orleans is sinkin man, And I don't wanna swim.
New orleans is now under water. Leave it there. It was a bad place for a city anyways.

What's most amazing is, given this Presidents abysmal failure on everything, that 45% still support him.

Take all that money that it will require to pump the water out of the city, and rebuild the walls that keep its inhabitants land-creatures, and invest it in building a new city. One that itsn't in a flood plain, one that isn't right on the coast and below sea level. One that isn't crime infested, and lacking good infrastructure systems.

Ya sure, we would leave all the history to rot in the ocean, but think about a new modern city that is well planned. A new singapore in the American south! A boost to the american economy that would revitalize its economy!

But that will never happen. Best hang on to the past...
» Taken way to far
Wanna hear something disturbing? If you are still reading then you probably do. When I was younger I used to spend days at a time in the woods following wolf tracks to recent kills, collecting the bones of the animals, and boiling off what remained of the flesh. Then I took the bones, catalouged then and used modelling glue and coat hangars to make myself a little museum in my basement.

Now, as most of you know, I am a little off. But looking back at it I think it was a bad thing to be doing, as it taught me all about anatomy and natural systems. And as we are all just a bunch of glorified cavemen, why can't this be an acceptable practice?

Enough with the defence of my sanity, on with the story..

So when I moved back to the Barrie area, my parents were pressuring me to get all the 'skeletons from their closets' and out of the basement. I decided to give them a reasonable burial in the bushes behind the farm. Then about a week later it hit me... I can rebuild him!

I went into the bushes and dug up the mass grave I had created, sifting through the various skeletons of deer, fox, beaver, skunk, cat, moose, and racoon, and arranged them in a particular placement on the ground. "Eureka!" I exclaimed! "This will be the best one yet!".

I took some of the leg bones and drilled holes through them, so I could mount them as a handle. A BOX!! A GEOCACHE FULL OF MY SICK AND TWISTED PARAPHERNALIA!!

I made a really kickass puzzle for this cache, themed with the Lake simcoe lake monster, Igopogo. People will get to the treasure chest, use the crossbone handle to open it, only to find the skeleton of a lake monster inside! GENIOUS (or insanity, take your pick).

I will post pictures of the sea monster skeleton when I take them. I am waiting for the society to approve my cache at the moment, More to come!

COOKS BAY, with remenants of Hurricane Katrina seen above

Pirate Cove, Monto Reno Harbour, Lefroy

My Sickness.

» What Music does Dave like?
none really, but..

A Friend in Halifax was recently trying to get ahold of me to get me to see an excellent band that is touring and making a stop in Barrie, The Jimmy swift Band. I don't normally like music, but if I did, then I would listen to this. Its pretty good, and she was right in thinking Its my kind of music.

Live in St. John's - Creepin

Their site has a large list of playable music.

A person who I haven't seen in over 6 years can still tell what music I like.. Either I am perfect, or adapt very poorly!
» My life is one of those single layered onions...
I find it very hard to write about anything lately.

Sad - I am working alot. But I can't write about that due to various non-disclosure agreements that I had to sign. The two friends I hired at work are still doing well here. It is not likely that they will want to move to Lefroy though, as small towns seem to frighten people. One even remarked that they "are sure that everyone in small towns is like you dave, and you are awfully weird. I don't want my kid growing up like you".. well maybe that's an exageration, but something along those lines.

Odd - I have been caching when I can, but what is to tell there? I went out into the bush and found/couldn't find the cache. I have 20 now, including the Trig one I forced Tom and Bridget to slave over on their 'Vacation'. I did an interesting series of caches along a section of the trans canada trail between cookstown and Georgian Downs Raceway. Needless to say I had trouble walking after that one. Of the 8 treasures along the route i found 5. I have also made a geeky geocaching friend from my exploits, Swifteroo, cheers to you buddy.

distanced - My friends Sean & Tania are getting Married soon, and had a little party with everyone. I was working that day so I only made the dinner at Boston Pizza. Afterwards they went to Toronto clubbing, and everyone apparently got smashed and had a rockin o' time. It was nice to see old friends, but it is apparent I have grown quite distant from them. I did try my best to stay in touch while at university, by calling and doing rounds whenever I was in town. Fact of the matter is that I really don't have that much in common with them anymore, nor did I ever really.

whipped - The Fiance, who I am being pressured by to remain nameless, Is living at the farm while her mother is in europe. I havent seen her in a week. Haven't spent any decent time with her since June. Mostly just a casual meeting before one of us runs out the door. Due to various agreements I am not allowed to talk about her either! :P

So Thats my life in a nutshell.. It will likely be like this until I retire, so I should stop being depressed about it. uggh. TO THOSE STILL IN SCHOOL, BE THANKFUL FOR YOUR LIFE IN A BUBBLE
» Self-Rightous SOB
I had a week off (note the lack of posts!). Tom and Bridget were taking up space in my appartment in Lefroy for a week. We tried various non-expensive activities such as beer-tourism, a day trip to Niagra falls, and a day at wonderland using free passes. We also tried our hand at some mystery geocaches, which are essentially geocaches that require you to solve a puzzle before getting the coordinates or the treasure. This had mixed success, as we could find the Logic Puzzle one, but not the trigonometric one.. yet. I have brought it as a puzzle for me to work on tonight!

In other news, two of my friends have gotten jobs at my work place because of my glowing recommendations! Congrats Joey and Wilfredo! I did this out of the kindness of my heart and not the $1000 signing bonus as a reward! WHA HAHAHAHA!!!
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